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Ambassadors are players who wish to help out the community towards maintaining peace by enforcing rules and giving proper assistance with players' concerns. Ambassador is a voluntary position and is not considered a GM position.

How to get Ambassador position?
You can be selected by either posting an application form on forums or staff will be offering the position for helpful players. If you are offered the position do not feel inclined to take it, the choice is yours.


  • Ambassadors can be identified by an [Ambassador] title next to their names written in 3d text.
  • Shout messages from Ambassadors are displayed in --- text.
  • Ambassadors can be identified by their forum rank title (Ambassador) below their avatar image.
  • Ambassadors will never ask for any of your account details in-game such as password under any circumstances.
  • Ambassadors will appear in %gmlist command whenever they are online.
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Ambassadors have access to few special commands which allow them to perform their job duties in the game.

%mute — It allows to mute a player for a set amount of time (e.g. 60 = 60seconds).
%out — It allows to disconnect a player from the game.


%warning — It allows to send a system warning message to a player.


%ban— It allows to ban a character.
Note: There must be a valid reason before performing this command and should be recorded on the logs.


Forum Privileges

Limited access to the staff area on the forums, if in the case that a ban is implemented it needs to be recorded. This is so we have a record of who banned the individual and why, for reference purposes.

How to leave the the Ambassador Program:
If for wish to leave your Ambassador position then just let me know and you will be removed.

What happens in the case of abuse of position?
If found to be abusing the ambassador position, then your ambassador position will be lost and a 1 week ban on your account will be implemented.