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Cannot Connect Issue

There are many reasons why this occur: (1) Internet Connection Issues, (2) Out-dated Patch of Client, (3) Firewall/Antivirus blocks the connection to the application, (4)  and etc.

Below options might help you solve the problem:

(1) Internet Connection Issues

  • Check internet cable if it was correctly attached.
  • Diagnose your internet connection by visiting
  • If the connection isn't stable, contact your internet service provider.

(2) Out-dated Patch of Client

  • Open Mazey Flyff Patcher.exe and Fully Patch.

Note: It is advisable to use regularly the patcher to update new files and avoid problems in the future.

(3) Firewall/Antivirus  blocks the connection to the application

  • Include Mazey Flyff Patcher.exe and neuz.exe to your antivirus and firewalls exception list. Reboot PC

(4) Neuz problem

  • Delete Neuz.exe and re-patch

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