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Quest Level Requirement: 70 ~ 175

Quest # 1: Existence which desire summoned

Quest Information:

  • Talk to NPC Darken Mayor standing near Post Box in Darkon Town and take "Existence which Desire Summoned" quest.
Darken Mayor
NPC Preview Darkon Town
Cw 1

Quest Description:

"So you're interested in challenging Clockworks, huh? What're you, nuts?! Okay...if you insist. However before I'll help you, I need to make sure you aren't just going to walk in there and fall over dead. I need to make sure you're worthy. Okay?" "Great! Please visit Dr. Est. He is studying the ecology of Darkon, in the nearby Gouthan Mountains of Darkon1."

"Clockworks is one of the most dangerous monsters in Madrigal! He's huge! I have been studying him for 4 years now, but I still don't know everything about him."

Denying Quest: 

"Backing out already? Hahaha! I knew you were all talk…"

  • He asked you to visit and talk to Dr. Est near the Gouthan Mountains in Darkon 1.
Dr. Est
NPC Preview Darkon 1 (near Driller)

Reward: Mon Book 1 Mon book 1 zps8d3b70d9 and access to next stage in quest.

Quest Description:

"Oh, did the Mayor of Darkon send you? You must be the one he was talking about that's crazy enough to challenge Clockworks. Here, you'll need this book. It contains information about how Clockworks appeared here in Madrigal. It's a good read, but not for the faint of heart."

Quest # 2: Great Clockwork War - 1st

Quest Information:

  • Collect 5 pieces of War Remnants Trawar zps38190568 that can be found in Darkon 2.
Remnants Spawning Area
Quest Item Preview Darkon 2

Quest Description:

"Alright, let's get started. Have you heard of the Great Clockwork War? You'll need to study it before you can challenge Clockworks. the Great Clockwork War is the first time the people of Darkon were faced with that terrible menace, Clockworks. The people of Darkon were defeated. They escaped to the Erons Factory. Evidence of this war can be found all over Darkon… Are you ready to continue to the next step?"

"Find 5 pieces of War Remnants in Darkon 2, and then visit my brother, Dr. Estern. He is at the Hill of Shade in Saint Morning."

Denying Quest: 

"I guess you truly aren't ready to face Clockworks. Why did you waste my time?"

  • Give it to Dr. Estern at Hill of Shade in Saint Morning.
Dr. Estern
NPC Preview Saint Morning

Quest Description:

"My brother sent you, right? Nice to meet you! My name is Dr. Estern, Dr. Est's younger brother. Why did he send... Oh, you're going to challenge Clockworks? Okay, do you have the War Remnants? Hmm... Five, exactly! Okay, here you are. This book is about the study of Clockworks. It will be really useful in learning about your opponent."

Reward: Mon Book 2 Mon book 2 zpsf88dd218 and access to next stage in quest.

Quest # 3: Great Clockwork War - 2nd

  • Gather 5 War Scar Scawar zps279bbe3a somewhere in Darkon 1 and Plain of Bubble.
War Scar Spawning Area
Quest Item Preview Darkon 1 & Plain of Bubble

Quest Description:

"Now for the final step! You've already heard about the Great Clockworks War. Actually, there was another Clockworks War after that… That time, Clockworks was defeated and captured. He was held at the cage where he was defeated by the allied forces of Flarine, Sain City and Darkon. You can see the evidence of the war in Darkon 1 and at the Plain of Bubble in Flaris."

"Please find 5 War Scars in Darkon 1 and the Plain of Bubble, and then visit my brother, Dr. Estly, who is in Northern Flaris."

Denying Quest: 

"Fine, have it your way. I guess you just aren't ready to face Clockworks."

  • Speak to Dr. Estly in Flaris near Northwest end of the River of Weeping in the Feferns.
Dr. Estly
NPC Preview Flaris (near Ferferns)

Reward: Mon Book 3 Mon book 3 zpsfd5c3ca7 and access to next stage in quest.

Quest Description: "Oh, did my brothers send you to me? Then you must be the Clockworks challenger! Please, show me the War Scars. Hmmm… everything looks to be in order here! Here, take this book. It is a more detailed study of Clockworks. It goes into detail about his behavior."

Quest # 4: Show what you can do

Quest Information:

  • Dr. Estly asked you to defeat Clocks located outside of Darken
NPC Preview Darkon Town

Quest Description:

"Well, it looks like you have all the information you need about Clockworks. So, after all that, the masterpiece of Darkon was created, Clocks! What? You don't know what Clocks is? It's like a small version of Clockworks. We made it for the people who want to challenge Clockworks, so they can practice first! Since you're on your way to becoming the next challenger, why don't you practice a bit, first?"

"Clocks' Cage is outside of Darken. You'll have to defeat it, but you'll probably need some help."

Denying Quest:

"I knew you were a coward! Hahaha!"

  • Give the 3 Mon Books Mon book 1 zps8d3b70d9 Mon book 2 zpsf88dd218 Mon book 3 zpsfd5c3ca7 to Darken Mayor.
Darken Mayor
NPC Preview Darkon Town
Cw 1

Quest Description:

"Congratulations! Now, you are ready to challenge Clockworks. You better be prepared or you'll get squished!"

The Challenge

Clockworks War Mechanics:

  • You need a guild to enter lair of Clockworks
  • You need to finish the quests listed above
  • CW can only be done once per guild
  • You must create a new guild to challenge Clockwork again

What to do to enter the cage?

You must talk to Eshylop and all members near Eshylop will be teleported into the Clockwork cage room when the leader choose to enter.

Eshylop Clockwork Cage Entrance Clockwork Cage


Clockwork Drops

List of items that can be obtain in clockworks: