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Collectors can be purchased from (Collecting Manager) Collin at any collecting area for 1,000,000 penya. The collector sold at all collecting areas is the same, so it does not matter where you buy it, as there's only one type of collector. You must be level 15 or higher to use a collector.


Collectors require a battery to be used before you can start collecting. There are three types of batteries. To use a battery, first equip your collector, and then double click on the battery. Collecting will stop automatically when the battery runs out.

Types of Battery

Collecting Area

The following are the three locations where you can use your collector to collect items. Collecting can only be done within these designated areas.

Location South of Flarine City
Col dfl nav Col dfl
Location East of Sain City
Col sm nav Col sm
Location North of Darken City
Col darkon nav Col darkon

How to Collect

Go to a Collecting Area, buy a Collector and battery from Collecting Manager. Then going into the Collecting Area with your Collector equipped, click Start on the box that pops up and it will start Collecting.

Upgrading a Collector

Collectors can be upgraded up to +5 by using Moonstones on them for increased collecting speed. To upgrade your collector simply double click a Moonstone and then click on the collector (Make sure it is unequipped first). If it succeeds, the collector will gain one level. If it fails, it will not be upgraded, and you must try again if you wish to upgrade it. Upgrading a collector will not destroy it if it fails. Only the moonstone will be lost in an upgrade failure.

Level Collecting Speed per item
0 105 seconds
+1 90 seconds
+2 75 seconds
+3 60 seconds
+4 45 seconds
+5 30 seconds

List of items that can be obtained


Item Name Chance Rate
Remantis Laccotte 6%
Bluemantis Laccotte 6%
FP Mantis 6%
Upcut Stone 6%
Scroll of Velocity 6%
Scroll of Sprint 6%
Scroll of Holy 6%
Activition 6%
Refresher Hold 6%
Vital Drink X 6%
Grilled Eel 6%
Gingerbread 6%
Christmas Cake 6%
Love Chocolate 6%
Buff Breaker 6%
Rock-Paper-Scissors Coupon 6.245%


Item Name Chance Rate
Stone of Auto Loot RC 0.05%
Scroll of Unbinding 0.05%
Scroll of Remove Model Change 0.05%
Scroll of Remove Model Change Pro 0.01%
Scroll of Transfer Awake 0.05%
Premium Scroll (1 hour) 0.05%


Item Name Chance Rate
Gold Battery 1%
Scroll of Strength 0.50%
Scroll of Stamina 0.50%
Scroll of Dexterity 0.50%
Scroll of Intelligence 0.50%
Blessing of Perfect Str Awake 0.10%
Blessing of Perfect Sta Awake 0.10%
Blessing of Perfect Dex Awake 0.10%
Blessing of Perfect Int Awake 0.10%
Blessing of Perfect Critical Hit Damage Awake 0.10%


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