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Fame Title

Fame Titles are special titles that are received once you have filled the requirements. 

To view available fame title, just press hotkey (H) and click Fame/Master tab. You can set which ever title to display from the list of titles that you have achieved.

Mazey Flyff Fame Title
Fame Requirement
Master Collector Collect 144 items in Collecting Area
Entrepreneur Vend 216 items through Private Shop
Master Hatcher Hatch 10 eggs
Casanova Form 10 Couples
Great Couple Level Couple to 21
Murderer Kill 5 people in PK
Strength Master Achieve 250 BASE STR
Stamina Master Achieve 250 BASE STA
Dexterity Master Achieve 250 BASE DEX
Intelligence Master Achieve 250 BASE INT
Novice Fighter Obtain 1 PVP Point
Apprentice Fighter Obtain 10 PVP Points
Persistant Fighter Obtain 100 PVP Points
Devoted Fighter Obtain 400 PVP Points
Passionate Fighter Obtain 600 PVP Points
Unyeilding Fighter Obtain 800 PVP Points
Prizewinning Fighter Obtain 1000 PVP Points
Renowned Fighter Obtain 1200 PVP Points
Epic Fighter Obtain 1400 PVP Points
Champion Fighter Obtain 2000 PVP Points
Master Knight Reach Level 60 Master as Knight
Master Blade Reach Level 60 Master as Blade
Master Jester Reach Level 60 Master as Jester
Master Ranger Reach Level 60 Master as Ranger
Master Ringmaster Reach Level 60 Master as Ringmaster
Master Billposter Reach Level 60 Master as Billposter
Master Psykeeper Reach Level 60 Master as Psykeeper
Master Elementer Reach Level 60 Master as Elementor
Hero Knight Reach Level 121 Hero Knight
Hero Blade Reach Level 121 Hero Blade
Hero Jester Reach Level 121 Hero Jester
Hero Ranger Reach Level 121 Hero Ranger
Hero Ringmaster Reach Level 121 Hero Ringmaster
Hero Billposter Reach Level 121 Hero Billposter
Hero Psykeeper Reach Level 121 Hero Psykeeper
Hero Elementor Reach Level 121 Hero Elementor
Lord Become a Lord
Jump Master Jump 5000 times
Gray Pill Addict Consume 300 Gray Pills
Yellow Pill Addict Consume 300 Yellow Pills
Blue Pill Addict Consume 300 Blue Pills
Red Pill Addict Consume 300 Red Pills
Gold Pill Addict Consume 300 Gold Pills
Mysterious Pill Addict Consume 300 Mysterious Pills
Lollipop Addict Consume 2000 Lollipops
Cookie Monster Consume 2000 Biscuits
Chocolate Addict Consume 2000 Chocolate Bars
Milk Addict Consume 2000 Milks
Roll Bread Addict Consume 2000 Roll Breads
Hot Dog Addict Consume 2000 Hot Dogs
Pizza Addict Consume 2000 Pizzas
Kimbap Addict Consume 2000 Kimbaps
Chicken Stick Addict Consume 2000 Chicken Sticks
Star Candy Addict Consume 2000 Star Candys
Meat Skewer Addict Consume 2000 Meat Skewers
Barbecue Addict Consume 2000 Barbecues
Seafood Pan Cake Addict Consume 2000 Seafood Pan Cakes
Fish Soup Addict Consume 2000 Fish Soups.
Sausage Casserole Addict Consume 2000 Sausage Casseroles
Fish Stew Addict Consume 2000 Fish Stews
Steamed Seafood Addict Consume 2000 Steamed Seafood
Meat Salad Addict Consume 2000 Meat Salads
Gratin Addict Consume 2000 Gratins
Seafood Pizza Addict Consume 2000 Seafood Pizzas
Orange Juice Addict Consume 2000 Orange Juices
Strawberry Shake Addict Consume 2000 Strawberry Shakes
Pineapple Cone Addict Consume 2000 Pineapple Cones
Banana Jujubar Addict Consume 2000 Banana Jujubars
Fruit Juice Addict Consume 2000 Fruit Juices
Fruit Icewater Addict Consume 2000 Fruit Icewaters
Fruit Parfait Addict Consume 2000 Fruit Parfaits
Fruit Sherbert Addict Consume 2000 Fruit Sherberts
Icecream Addict Consume 2000 Icecreams
Fruit Punch Addict Consume 2000 Fruit Punch
Aibatt Hunter Defeat 500 Aibatt
Lawolf Hunter Defeat 500 Lawolfs.
Cardpuppet Hunter Defeat 500 Cardpuppets
Glaphan Hunter Defeat 500 Glaphans
Meteonyker Hunter Defeat 500 Meteonykers
Cyclops X Hunter Defeat 500 Cyclops
Yetti Hunter Defeat 500 Yettis.
Mutant Yetti Hunter Defeat 500 Mutant Yettis
Augu Hunter Defeat 500 Augus
Mutant Augu Hunter Defeat 500 Mutant Augus
Ghostly Prince Hunter Defeat 500 Ghost of the Forgotten Princes
Ghostly King Hunter Defeat 500 Ghost of the Forgotten Kings
Mammoth Hunter Defeat 500 Mammoths
Cannibal Mammoth Hunter Defeat 500 Cannibal Mammoths
Kingster Hunter Defeat 500 Kingsters
Kragen Hunter Defeat 500 Kragens
Crepper Hunter Defeat 500 Creppers
Naga Hunter Defeat 500 Nagas
Atrox Hunter Defeat 500 Atroxs
Okean Hunter Defeat 500 Okeans
Tigar Hunter Defeat 500 Tigars
Dorian Hunter Defeat 500 Dorians
Meral Hunter Defeat 500 Merals
Clockworks Killer Defeat 10 Clockworks
Red Dragon Hunter Defeat 10 Red Meteonykers
Behemoth Slayer Defeat 10 Behemoths
Turtle King Slayer Defeat 10 Turtle King