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Monster Clash

The Monster Clash is the ultimate test of players vs monsters and guilds vs guilds. Does your guild have what it takes to take on some of the biggest and baddest creatures in all of Mazey Flyff?

Monster Clash Schedule
Time (Server Time)


  • Guild must be at least level 30.
  • Maximum of 10 guilds can participate
  • Only 10 members can join the clash each guild.
  • Must have teamwork to complete the clash
Monster Clash Manager Location: Flaris Town
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  • The Guild Leader must speak to Monster Clash Manager in Flaris beside Flarine Public Office Julia for the application. This will require Red Perin for the entry fee.
  • Guilds are given 10 minutes to prepare their line ups.
  • There will be a 5-minute preparation to assemble, when the line up is completed.
  • Maximum time to complete the Monster Clash is 2 hours.
  • There are 2 rounds before the main boss will appear for the fastest guild who finished the rounds.
  • Winning guild members who stood up still until last will receive a Monster Clash Winner's Box each and monster clash seals.
Monster Clash Winner Box has the chance to contain the following:
  1. 100 pcs Remantis Laccotte
  2. 10 pcs Red Perin
  3. 5 pcs Red Perin
  4. 1 pc Blessing of PVE Awake
  • Late attendees won't be able to enter the dungeon, once the Monster Clash has started, even if they are included in the line-up.
  • Scroll of Resurrection won't work inside the Monster Clash Arena.
  • Only your fellow guildmate/s can revived you when you die.
  • You will not be able to re-enter the dungeon if you got teleported and disconnected.
  • Your guild will be eliminated once the guild leader dies, so keep him/her safe.

First Round Bosses

Mid Bosses

Final Boss

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