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- Ranged based melee class that focus on using bow skills to damage enemies. Rangers have a wide array of bow skills at their disposal to damage one or several enemies at the same time.
Ranger f
Ranger m
Icon Skill Name Level Description
1Ranger Flame Arrow
Flame Arrow 60 Gives the fire element to arrows and damages surrounding enemies.
2Ranger Ice Arrow
Ice Arrow 60 Slows an enemy down by shooting it with arrows covered in ice.
3Ranger Poison Arrow
Poison Arrow 60 Adds poison damage to Bow and increase your striking damage.
4Ranger Fast Shot
Fast Shot 65 Increase Bow attack speed for a limited time.
5Ranger Nature
Nature 70 Increases resistance to magic.
6Ranger Piercing Arrow
Piercing Arrow 70 Increased arrow strike.
7Ranger Silent Arrow
Silent Arrow 75 Attacks the enemy and prevents him from casting spells.
8Ranger Triple Shot
Triple Shot 80 Fires three arrows at once.
9Ranger Special Bow Mastery
Special Bow Mastery 60M Increases all stats by 500 and adds 25% pve damage.
10Ranger Eye of the Hawk
Eye of the Hawk 120H Increases Bow range
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