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- An evolution class for Ringmasters. They are capable of mending any wound and can bless their companions and invoke the power of temporary immortality by awakening your strength, skill, and abilities. They can even make a great PvE damage like Slayers and Crackshooters. They can equip stick with shield.
Seraph f
Seraph m
Icon Skill Name Level Description
1Seraph Breath of Life
Breath of Life 130 Recover target party members HP over a predetermined amount of time. The skill level of the Breath of Life determines the length of the Healing.
2Seraph Divine Prosperity
Divine Prosperity 130 Increase HP by 500% for 15 minutes
3Seraph Heavens Step
Heavens Step 130 Increase PvP damage by 80% for 15minutes
4Seraph Priest's Grasp
Priest's Grasp 130 Grants the caster a chance to stop an enemy in their tracks.
5Seraph Raiment of Rhisis
Raiment of Rhisis 130 Increase PVE damage by 300% for 15 minutes.
6Seraph Soul of Rhisis
Soul of Rhisis 130 Cast a protective shield around yourself that absorbs damage. This shield will last for 10 seconds, if you are to take more than 80% of your max health in that time you have 90% chance to reduce that damage to only 10% of what it was supposed to be.
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